4Player Podcast #622 - The Wetsuit Wee Show (Jedi Fallen Order, Death Stranding, Superliminal, and More!)

Published by 4Player Podcast on Nov. 21, 2019

This week Death Stranding continues to impress and perplex us. But perhaps more importantly, Respawn's long awaited Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order has arrived. Despite a seemingly long list of annoyances and complaints, the game still manages to deliver a worthwhile experience. Brad talks about a unique and mind-bending puzzler called Superliminal and tells the group about his time with the beautifully bizarre Yakuza 7 demo! Oh yeah, there's a new Half Life game coming... and it's not what you think.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Project M Details
Feedback from our Last Episode
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order
Death Stranding
Yakuza 7 (Demo)
and more...

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    10 months, 1 week ago

    I'm not normally one to weigh in on gross topics, but the question last week about weird places you've had to pee reminded me of a quick story.

    When I was on a high school trip to Italy, I got separated from my group in Florence. I wandered around the city for almost 2 hours pretty scared, and the sun was setting. I had to pee and clearly wasn't thinking straight so I just found a quiet street and went right on the sidewalk. Felt real bad about it.

    Thankfully I found the plaza we were supposed to meet at, but everyone had gone to dinner and they left one chaperone to wait for me in case I showed up. He brought me to the restaurant and everyone applauded when they saw me, and I burst into tears as the reality of what happened hit me.

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    10 months ago

    After seeing the trailer for Half-Life: Alyx, it's very exciting to finally see another installment in the series. But it's a cautious excitement after 12 years of nothing from Valve, and I had slowly accepted over that time that the developer had put their ambitions indefinitely on-hold while continuing to regularly put out Dota 2 updates, TF2 accessories, and Counterstrike: GO skins.

    The only thing that gave me some sense of closure for the series was the Epistle 3 post on Marc Laidlaw's personal blog, the writer that worked on all the previous Half-Life games, that detailed his version of the final chapter of the series.

    By then, I was convinced that Episode 2's cliffhanger ending would never be resolved. Even now, it might never get a conclusion. But after years of rumors and theories that came to nothing, people reading way too much into filenames, and Valve having nothing to show whatsoever, they finally present a trailer. And while it doesn't remove all the frustration from those years of silence, it's like a bittersweet treasure and it will probably get me to take the dive into VR.

    If anything, there is at least the pessimism that that March 2020 release date will be extended. Worth the wait? Time will tell.

  • Avatar
    10 months ago

    I'm excited for this Project M, totally looking forward to see how Nolan wins this one :)
    (Great game choice by the way)

    Thank you for not shying away from discussing the criticisms and concerns you all had for this new star wars game. I'm personally interested in playing it, so hopefully they can iron out some things before I get my hands on it.

  • Avatar
    10 months ago

    Man that wetsuit conversation made me laugh so hard it caused me to turn the suit I was wearing into a

    made my suit into a wet

    into a wet sui

    fuck it, Nolan, do your thing

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    7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Castle sees him enter the church with gun drawn taking aim. Castle jumps at the gunman getting shot in the process.

    Rushed to the hospital, Josh is tending to Castle, while Kate looks on from the front seat of the ambulance.
    Kate sits by his side holding his unconscious hand. While Josh looks on from outside the room, realizing that though he just saved this man’s life, he has lost his love. End
    Source Link http:// Your Bio Susie Wong write a Newsletter for Child Evangelism Fellowship, a non-profit organization, and is a fan of Castle. She has a CA Teaching credential, and a MA in Christian Education

  • Avatar
    7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Josh then appears out of nowhere, sitting next to Kate (with a thump). Camera to hands, they separate.
    Josh gives a quick kiss on the cheek, glad to be back in time for Ryan’s wedding (the two apparently bonded over beers at Ryan’s bachelor party).
    The pew becomes uncomfortable tight so Castle excuses himself, and stands in the back of the church, watching Kate the whole time.