Podcast 564 - Octopath Traveler, Jurassic World Evolution, and 1998 Month!

Published by 4Player Podcast on July 21, 2018

We revisit Octopath Traveler now that the game has made it's full debut and shine some much needed light on the systems and structure that left some of us perplexed after the "demo." Nick talks about his new found love for Jurassic World Evolution, Brad brings an assortment of new VR games/experiences, and Nolan dives deep into the satisfying complexities of Frostpunk.

This Week's Discussion Topics:

Feedback from our Last Episode
Octopath Traveler
VR Medley (Dirt 2, Zone of the Enders 2, and More!)
Jurassic World Evolution
Danger Zone 2
and more...

Link Dump:

1998 Month Announcement Video - We announced an exciting event taking place next month! 4Player will be celebrating the 20 year anniversary of one of the best years in gaming! August 2018 will officially be 1998 Month on 4pp.tv!
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    1 year, 10 months ago

    I haven't finish Radiant Historia either despite getting it when it first came out. Tried several times but just couldn't finish it. The biggest reason was that its sidequest system requires you to jump to this specific point in time to get to this specific spot to talk to this person, and do it so many times. In theory should be easy but you just can easily get lost. Back then the walkthrough is really shit as well so I often can't figure out where to go next in this sidequest. Eventually I just stopped playing because I'd much prefer to 100% instead of leaving some sidequests dangling.

    Also really excited about the new version and can't wait to play it again. Love all the combo smashing in its battle system.

  • Avatar
    1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi guys-

    Couple quick thoughts on Octopath Traveler after about 6 hours played. Storywise, it is a little odd when I approach a new character, hear their backstory, and they say something like "Oh, you want to help me? Ok."... without any exchanged words. I suppose the developers had to account for playing the characters in any order.

    As far as the dungeons just being a few screens- in a game with random encounters, I am all for it. The last thing I want to do is go through a dungeon for an hour getting into random battles with the same enemies over and over, in the same tileset. Maybe I'm just getting old. I am always wishing RPGs would just double the XP awarded and cut the encounter rates in half.

  • Moo Avatar
    1 year, 10 months ago

    Great episode as always!

    Really looking forward to 1998 Month! Hoping that someone plays Parasite Eve, it's one of my favorite games and I'd love to see one of y'all play it!

  • Avatar
    1 year, 10 months ago

    After hearing Nick's optimistic first impression of Octopus Tangler, I decided to pick it up myself.

    Hearing Brad's side of the story for OtterBox Trapeze scared me away from it initially, but this is also why I, and many others, are grateful that y'all are so differed in opinion when it comes to games. It's very helpful for folks that don't get to play many games and have a nit-picky buyer's morale.

    I'm 12 hours in to OgreSwamp Trespasser and I, too, have become incredibly bored with some of the stories. Now, if you're boring someone that only sees highway pavement and laughs at clever billboards, you're fuckin' up. However, I'm having a shit ton of fun with the combat and exploring.

    My resolution is when I'm bored, I skip the cutscene and just make up my own narrative instead. I have to say this
    has helped me enjoy the game a lot more, and I try to ignore the feelings of betrayal from Squeenix who made a fucking story out of Disney Heart pseudoscience but can't make 8 consistently good characters.

    Here's to hoping later on I can give a feedback that says "Yo, OompaLoompa Taffypuller gets SO good." For now, it's skippin' time.

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    1 year, 10 months ago

    The Uncharted short film was a dream come true for those of us who saw drake as Fillion from day one. I do think a better direction for the movie would be to have him in the role, but allow him to be a little older by making it about him and his (spoiler alert) daughter. As to Krispy's point about taking Drake seriously, one of the reason the first game was so great was that Drake was really the first third person action-adventure character to have real charisma, something that has admittedly been copied and watered down in the years since, so I can understand how one could see the character now as a bit cliche.

  • Scaarecrow Avatar
    1 year, 10 months ago

    This isn't feedback for the last episode, but I wanted to give some praise with how you guys are doing podcasts lately. I feel there's tons of variety for listeners out there and many options each week. The different styles and show lengths with the main show, 4PlayerPlus, and the David & Brad podcasts are wonderful. Then as a cherry on top we get some free-form Trailer Talk sessions just about every Brad cast. I wondered if Krispy, Nolan, or Chris Davis would want their own shows to talk more about things they can't on the main show?

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    <a href="https://abc.com">abc</a>
    6 months, 1 week ago

    Great work.

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    6 months, 1 week ago

    I watch the Jurassic World movie not the series of it and that looks fine the production company spends a lot on it. That type of movie and series always get fan's attention for sure.

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    5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I hope you clear the concept of Jurassic World Evolution because most of the time people did not get it. You should do more work on it. Thank!