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It is December once again! As the world winds down from a year of many, MANY great games, it is time now to take stock of the best of the best; the cream of the crop; the Games of the Year!  Like the previous years before it, we are letting you, the community, vote on your Top 10 picks for 2016 and, in doing so, you could win a free game!

For more details, contest rules and the actual survey, look below and be sure to enter our separate community choice highlights survey/contest (Details Coming Soon) as well!  You have until midnight CST on New Years Eve to cast your votes!


  • overlordbaal Avatar
    6 years, 5 months ago

    Any chance we can get more games to choose from? About half of my list isn't on here.

  • Avatar
    6 years, 5 months ago

    i am surprised at myself for some of the decision I made and some of the games I chose:
    1. Unravel over Inside
    2. Battlefield 1 above Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    3. Watch Dogs 2 over Doom.
    4. Salt & Sanctuary above Dark Souls 3
    5. Inclusion of Street Fighter V in top 3
    6. A multiplayer-only game as #1
    7. Including Titanfall 2 for largely the multiplayer
    8. No place for Uncharted 4 at all.

    (This seems like a miniature Jindosh riddle).

    There goes my contribution to messing up the community goty list, when will you vote?

    Dedsec has given you the truth, do what you will. JOIN US!

  • Avatar
    6 years, 5 months ago

    Man, that was harder than I thought. Had to make some hard cuts from bottom half of my list. The Witness, Doom, Inside, Let it Die and X-Com 2 were tough to let go of.