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Cocktail Time Ep. 18 - The Space Dragons Made of Women's Breasts Show!
Joseph and Carlos have a sword fight on this weeks Cocktail Time! [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 17 - The Car Crash Show!
Joseph Christ sits down with Carlos to drink and talk about all things video games...with a little bit of car crashes thrown in. Topics include, crashing your car, System Shock 2, Oblivion, playing... [Read More]

Cocktail Time 2010 Awards Show: Part 2
Well that certainly took long enough!  Welcome to the final show of 2010. It's a loud, raucous Cocktail Time as Joseph, Nolan and Carlos go through their lists and decide the Top Ten Games of 2010!... [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 15 - The Chupacabra Show!
A nice big Cocktail Time this week. [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 14 - The Christmas Miracle Show
Happy Holidays! Here is Cocktail Time Ep 14 as it appeared LIVE on December 23rd. It was the first time Cocktail Time was broadcast live on 4Player it was truly a Christmas Miracle. [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 13 - Max Payne in my Ass
Cocktail Time GOOO!!!Joseph Christ sits down with Skyliner and Nolan The Intern to drink and discuss video games AS PER THE CUSTOM!   [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 12 - The Pornstars, Twitter and Games Show
What? Did you just say you wanted to hear Joseph Christ, Nolan The Intern, Nick Henderson and Carlos sit down for 2.5 hours to talk about video games? Well then I certainly have something for you! [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 11 - Gerard Depardieu Nose Porn
This is a wonderful moment everyone.  For the first time ever Carlos comes on Cocktail Time to drink some drink and talk some games. [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 10 - Multiplayer Pants
Oh hell yeah! It's been quite awhile but the time has come. Don't worry, we talk a little bit about why it's been so long...and believe me, it's a good reason. [Read More]

Cocktail Time Ep. 9 - The PAX 2010 Show!
On this very special addition of Cocktail Time we are all in the same place! And not only that we have a Brad Simons joining us this show. [Read More]